Comedy and Play for Mummers

A Virtual Interactive Workshop Featuring 

Theatre Artist Sam Chaulk


Tuesday, December 8

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

NL time




Private Interactive Online

Zoom Workshop



Donations to the Mummers Festival are always appreciated.

Theatre artist Sam Chaulk has been mummering every Christmas for over a decade, and she’s been studying clown and comedy for about the same amount of time.


In this online workshop, she’ll share some of the connections she’s made between the tomfoolery of the mummer and age old comedy techniques by delivering games and exercises that’ll free up your wit, your body and your voice so you can create this year's mummer from moment to moment. Following the pleasure of play will ultimately help you earn all that Christmas cake, most likely a drink, and much love from your hosts. 

To fully engage with this exciting workshop, participants should have on hand:

  • mummers garb with unusual or amusing body/costume elements (like ya would);

  • an instrument that’s not an instrument (think a pot and wooden spoon);

  • a song/recitation/joke to share; and

  • the desire to let loose and have fun! 

No performance experience required.
The joy of mummering and folk performance is for everyone!


Register for this awesome opportunity and we'll send  you a free link to the Zoom workshop! This is a private online workshop, designed to let you be as foolish as you want in a safe space! No going live all over Facebook for this one.


This workshop is free. Donations to the Mummers Festival are always appreciated.





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