Enter Our 2020 Mummers
Art Contest!


Art Submissions accepted until December 10


Anyone can enter!


Scan or take a picture of your completed artwork and email it to us.

Details are on the

entry forms


Free to enter!

Multiple entries are acceptable

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We know that there are lots of artistic mummers out there! Now's your chance to show off your creation in our Mummer Art Contest.


Below we have four images created especially for Mummers Festival by talented artist Tara Fleming below

Download our beautiful images and get to work creating your own unique piece of art.


Click on each image to download your entry form.

Download them all - you can enter for each image!

Use whatever materials you want: crayons, acrylic paint, pencil leads, markers, even sequins, feathers and beads if you feel like it! We absolutely LOVE creative mummers!

Don't forget to complete the information on each form, and if you're a kid aged 16 and under, get your parents to check the consent box and sign the bottom of the form.


You'll win a change for a dandy Purity Gift Pack filled with traditional Newfoundland syrup, cookies and peppermint knobs. We'll also include all submissions in a slide show that we'll place on our website for everyone to admire your work.

Email your masterpiece to mummersfestival@gmail.com

Mummers Festival will always maintain your privacy.


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Fishnet Mummer copy.jpg
Lamplady copy.jpg