Tuesday, November 29

7:00pm to 9:00pm



Rocket Room

(above Rocket Bakery)

272 Water Street, 3rd Floor


Free on-street parking



Mummering has changed over the years. In 5 short presentations and a roundtable discussion, graduate students from Memorial University's Department of Folklore plot the fascinating history of an evolving tradition and explore how changing social and cultural attitudes have influenced mumming to make it what it is today.


The 5 Presentations:

  • Early Accounts of Mumming in Newfoundland (Jeremy Moyle)

  • Halpert and Story's 1969 Book, Christmas Mumming in NL (Kayla Carroll)

  • Revivals of the Tradition (Piper Jones)

  • Commercialization/Selling of the Tradition (Kate Harvey)

  • 21st Century Re-Imagining (Sholpan Duisengaliyeva)

The Roundtable Discussion:

Join Folklore professor Paul Smith, Mummers Festival executive director Ryan Davis and artist Janet Peter for a discussion on all things mummer.

Presented in partnership with Memorial University's Department of Folklore

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