Thursday, November 29

2:30 pm to 3:30 pm


The Rooms


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Today most people don’t know about the Fools, but about fifty years ago these mischievous characters roamed the streets of Pouch Cove and Flatrock on Old Christmas Day flaunting the most elaborate and fantastical Christmas outfits. The Fools would emerge from the woods with a spliced rope in hand, chasing down anyone who crossed their path to give them a crack of their rope in fun jest. With their ribbons blowing wildly in the wind against a backdrop of freshly fallen snow these Fools were quite a sight to see.

Their costumes were made of white shirts, pants and gloves, all of which were entirely covered with crȇpe paper ribbons and holiday tinsel. Giant masks made of decorated cardboard covered their heads and faces for the

ultimate disguise.

Learn about the Ribbon Fool tradition in Pouch Cove and Flatrock in this multimedia presentation by researcher and folklorist Sharna Brzycki.

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