Mummer Memories Mug Up


Thursday, December 12




Marjorie Mews Library

12 Highland Drive

St. John's, NL


Parking available



Christmas is right around the corner, and that means lots of holiday memories. But is Christmas today exactly what it was years ago? Some of the older traditions are changing, perhaps, and there is always the danger that the stories of yesteryear could vanish.  Don't be a Grinch, and help us save the traditions of Yuletide!


We want your memories of mummers, jannies, hobby horses, year-end customs, and how you celebrated the full 12 Days of Christmas. You bring a memory, we'll bring the syrup and jam jams!


A free event, sponsored by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador, as part of its Memory Mug Up program. 

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Courtesy: Gerald Pocius