Victoria Park Poolhouse

(only building in Victoria Park)



Parking lot located off of Sudbury Street. Then walk the trail heading down the hill, past the playground, and to the Poolhouse


Free! Suggested donation is $10 per person


Bring your own white long-sleeved shirt and pants. We will have some, but supplies are limited

Today most people don’t know about the Fools, but about fifty years ago these mischievous characters roamed the streets of Pouch Cove and Flatrock on Old Christmas Day flaunting the most elaborate and fantastical Christmas outfits. The Fools would emerge from the woods with a spliced rope in hand, chasing down anyone who crossed their path to give them a crack of their rope in fun jest. With their ribbons blowing wildly in the wind against a backdrop of freshly fallen snow these Fools were quite a sight to see.

Their costumes were made of white shirts, pants and gloves, all of which were entirely covered with crȇpe paper ribbons and holiday tinsel. Giant masks made of decorated cardboard covered their heads and faces for the

ultimate disguise. Come to these workshops and add a bit of attitude to your holiday garb. Wear your Fool’s costume masterpiece to the Parade and dazzle spectators with this long forgotten Christmas disguise!


Bring your own white shirt and pants for your costume base (but make sure they are big enough to fit over your winter clothes so you stay warm throughout the Parade!).


Workshops are free. $10 suggested donation.


For ages 10 and older. There must be one supervising adult for each child under 16 years of age. 

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