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Looking for accommodations for large groups?

We are always happy to see that there are people who are interested in our events, and that people of all ages are wanting to engage with Newfoundland Culture. While we are proud that many of our workshops and events are free admission, this unfortunately means that at our regularly scheduled events and workshops that are meant for the general public, we are unable to accommodate large groups during the Mummers Festival. 


We have tried our best in previous years, but unfortunately, to make sure our events are able to be accessed by everyone, if a large group shows up unannounced, we may have to turn them away due to capacity issues.

To help prevent this from happening and to ensure that everyone has access to the workshops and culture we offer, we hope that groups can contact us early in Fall if they are interested in a workshop that will correlate with the upcoming festival of that year. For example, if your guide, scout, pathfinder, class, or other large group is interested in partaking in one of our workshops, please contact us in the September of that year, so we can prepare a workshop that will have enough materials and supervision for your group. There will be a fee, as these private workshops are outside our regular programming, and we will have to recoup the cost for artists/facilitators and materials.

We unfortunately will not be able to accommodate large groups at any of our events for 2023, but if your organization is interested in having their own workshop in 2024, please contact us at, and we will try our best to accommodate you!

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