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Mummers Rig Up!

Come get 'rigged up' for the Mummers Parade. Choosing the best mummers disguise is an important part of the tradition. Mix and match a disguise from bins of available clothing. Find the perfect tea cozy hat. Fashion the best lace veil. With a large assortment of clothing to choose from and fellow mummers for inspiration, getting the perfect disguise together couldn't be easier!



December 9

11:30 am to 12:30pm



Just inside the main gates of Bowring Park on Park Road

FREE rig up items!

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Mummering is the art of disguise. Maybe that's why mummers are also called Guisers (as in...disguisers). So when dressing as a mummer you must hide your identity. Here are a few tips:

1. CHANGE YOUR BODY SHAPE. Stuff a pillow in your pants, make a humpback, wear a travel pillow under your shirt around your neck

2. COVER YOUR FACE! Don't let people see your eyes or your teeth! That's a giveaway! Lace curtains and pillowcases with eye- and mouth-holes are classic covers. Halloween masks work well too.

3. CHANGE YOUR HEIGHT. If you're short, wear a high hat. If you're tall, crouch down when you walk

4. WEAR CLOTHING YOU WOULDN'T NORMALLY WEAR. Crossdressing is a classic look for mummers. Guys, throw on a dress or a bra outside your clothing. Gals, throw on a huntsman jacket. Let's smash those old stereotypes!

5. CHANGE THE WAY YOU WALK AND TALK. The classic mummer speak is to inhale while talking. And the way you walk and dance should change.

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