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Volunteering With the Mummers Festival

Mummers Festival Needs You!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Mummers Festival and even the smallest efforts have big effect!                                 

Our hope is that volunteers will have fun and take pride in the Festival.


2023 Volunteer Roles:

  • Postering

  • Materials Preparation 

  • Workshop Helpers

  • Event Assistance

  • Parade Marshalls

  • Parade Day Set Up & Break Down

Volunteers receive a fancy-schmancy Festival T-shirt and some warm, fuzzy feelings all over!

In a typical year, our volunteers range in age from high-school students to retirees. Volunteers cut ribbons, make hobby horse templates, collect materials for workshops, serve Purity syrup and cookies to hungry mummers, drive and host artists and performers. They teach and instruct at workshops and help make things runs smoothly over all. Volunteers are involved in poster, postcard, and public notice distribution. Oftentimes, volunteers dress as mummers. They also help set up events, produce signage, and provide help with event clean-up and break down. Volunteers act as Parade marshals and carry our Parade banner.

We're looking forward to welcoming new volunteers in 2023!

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