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Cape Broyle Hobby Horse Workshop


Tuesday, November 28

6:00pm to 9:00pm


Cape Broyle

Community Centre

Harbour Road




Click below to register. Space is limited

About the Hobby Horse Workshop


The Mummers Festival has been running Hobby Horse Workshops since 2009. We turned to archival materials and conducted interviews to learn more about this tradition. Our template is modelled after mid-1900s hobby horses located in the Memorial University Folklore Archives. These horses now turn up at the Mummers Parade and are used during the traditional Christmas-time, house-visiting tradition of mummering. The Festival has successfully repopulated the province with this nearly-extinct and most peculiar breed.

Making your own Hobby Horse from the comfort of your own home has never been easier. Watch this video, download and print our template and you're off to the races!

With nails for teeth and a snapping jaw, the hobby horse is a strange mummers disguise and a terrifying holiday beast! Hobby horses have a history in Cape Broyle but they're a rare sight now. How 'bout we change that?!


In this workshop, participants will make their own hobby horse using cardboard, duct tape, fabric and other decorations.

Build a hobby horse and then wear it out in the mummers or bring it along to the Mummer’s Parade on December 9th. We want a cavalry of holiday beasts and need your help!


Read more about hobby horses here.


Workshops are free.


Suitable for school-aged children and up. Adult supervision is a MUST for anyone under 16 years old.



We encourage you to bring along any of the suggested materials below to make your horse personal. We also like to recycle whenever possible.


1.  Fleece blankets, large towels, fabric, or sheets (to cover the horse’s face)


2.  Pieces of fur, faux fur, scarves, or wool (to make a horse’s mane)


3.  Jar lids, tennis balls, or anything round (for the horse’s eyes)


4.  Broom handles or used hockey sticks (to support the horse’s head)


5.  Any extra fancy bits to give your hobby horse character

Make Your Own Horse at Home!

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