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2021 Mummers Parade
Saturday, December 11 

Haul on Mudder's sized 42 bra and get your pillow-stuffed arse ready to join us!

All mummers 'llowed in!


Saturday, December 11

2:00 pm to 2:45 pm


Bad Weather plan 'B'

If the weather is really bad, Parade Day events will happen Sunday, December 12

Same times. Same place.

Check our website at 9am on December 11 for updates on postponement.



Parade starts and ends in Bowring Park


Watching the Parade is great. But being in it is better! Trust us! Find a disguise, find your friends and find your inner mummer! There’s no right or wrong way to dress up. However, concealing your identity well is the mark of an experienced mummer. The Parade takes about 40 minutes to walk with lots of celebrations before and after. Expect surprises!

2021 mummers parade

Saturday, December 11

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Bowring Park

Parade starts inside the main gates on

Park Road

Parade route map

Parade Rules & Safety


1. Our INFORMATION DESK is located outside the park pool house.. If you have any questions, lost and found concerns, or other needs on Parade Day, please visit us.

2. St. John Ambulance will be at the Parade for any medical emergencies. They wear bright yellow coloured, clearly labeled jackets and work in a team. They will be walking at the end of the Parade and located outside the park pool house before and after the Parade.

3. Please follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask. We want everyone to stay safe. Please Mummer in Your Bubble!

4. Advertising, promotions, banners, and give-aways are not permitted. 

5. This is a walking parade. Motorized vehicles are not allowed.

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